My name is Arianna and I am a Seattle native who loves all things food - cooking, baking, eating, the whole sha-bang. By day, I am a corporate slave (not really, I have a great job, working with great people who are utterly supportive of me in every way), and by night I am almost always in the kitchen.

If I am not in the kitchen, I am dreaming and scheming. Dreaming of my next trip and where I’ll go, dreaming of my next recipe to try, dreaming of that beautiful cashmere sweater that I wish I had bought before it sold out.

While Seattle has been my home since birth, half of my family (including my Dad) lives in Detroit, where I would go, and still do, to visit. My father is the one who lit the fire of food appreciation from a young age. By watching him cook, I learned that you can show someone that you love them by feeding them. Food is the medium which I can funnel out the creative part of my brain.

When a very close family member passed away, I remember being in the kitchen day and night. The rotating guests who came through to drop off their dishes, or the endless pies, soups, samosas on the stove or in the oven and more that we cooked that week. The aromas of the cuisine filled the kitchen to create a bandaid on our grief. The sizzle on the stove replaced words and tears. The food spoke for us to say “I love you, and we are in this space together” when we couldn’t find the words to speak.

It is not only the eating of delicious food, but the preparation that is so satisfying. The rhythmic chopping of vegetables, or whipping egg whites to stiff peeks of a meringue can be hypnotic and cathartic. Finding that zen space where active thinking stops and intuition guides my hands. Cooking is my passion, this is why I am here, and this is why I created this blog.

I originally started this blog in the beginning of 2018 to try and motivate myself to do more of what I love. I love cooking, I love travel, I love fashion. As nice ideas sometimes go, this did not pan out and I only produced a handful of posts throughout the year. I had little direction and little motivation and this page laid dormant for far too long.

I am still figuring this whole Blog thing out, so please forgive me if I don’t post on a regular schedule, or if formats change along the way. I’m learning, so be gentle.

Ultimately, this is a food blog, but I will not limit myself to only posting recipes. You will see posts about travel, maybe fashion, and who knows what else.

I have a right and freedom to pursue that which brings me joy, so here I am laying that joy out for the world to see. Maybe a little bit of this joy will spread to you by way of a delicious recipe, or inspire you to see a part of the world you’ve never been.

For whatever reason, I am here and I am living and thriving.