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2018 Goals

2018 Goals


Today I began taking down all of the holiday decor in my house. I removed the ornaments from the Christmas tree and packed away the lights and other bobbles reminiscent of the final events of last year. I began to think more and more about the year to come and what would be in store. 

As the purpose of this blog is to broaden my horizons, I feel that is it fitting to list out some goals and resolutions for the new year. January is a great month for new beginnings, and if I list them here, then I may just hold myself more accountable to following through.

Do Yoga

 I hate yoga. I really just can’t get into it. I have friends who love it, I see these cute little Instagram girls who love yoga and go on and on about how life changing it is. 

I’ve attempted to get into yoga multiple times in my life. There have been classes where I really get into the groove and “feel it.” But, the next class I go to I inevitably started getting bored/impatient, start thinking about what I’m going to eat after class, get hungry, eat a cheeseburger immediately after, then never go back. 

I WANT to like yoga. I see the benefits, physically and mentally and I want that. I want to be more fit, and be healthier. I also recognize that as I get older I am becoming less flexible. I feel tight and tense all the time, and would rather not wake up 2-3 days a week with a stiff neck and back. I feel like I need to pass that hump and at least commit myself to doing yoga long enough to form a real opinion. And at least long enough to gain some sort of benefit from it.

There is a yoga studio close to my house, which offers a 6 week beginners course. One class a week for 6 weeks, and at the end then I will decide for sure if I really dislike yoga as much as I have thought. 

I will document my yoga journey for you here. There will probably be a lot of complaining, so I’m not sure how many of you will actually read along.

Read One Classic Novel a Month for the Entire Year

 I have had this idea to read one classic novel every month for a year. I used to read all the time, and as I reached adulthood I simply fell out of it. I’d pick up a book and read 1/3, then gradually forget about it

This is a resolution I thought of about 4-5 years ago actually. I even made an attempt and purchased ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ which I am not sure I ever actually opened. 

I would like to read more this year, and stare less at a screen (yes, I know this is ironic as I am currently typing at my laptop). I think it is important to unplug and detach a little bit from technology. To take some time everyday to tune out from my phone, laptop, tv. Ignore email and text notifications. I could use a little more of that this year. 

Cook More Recipes From My Favorite Cookbooks

 I have more cookbooks than I probably need, especially since I will more often find recipes from the internet than peruse my own archive. Not to be all “Julia and Julia,” but maybe I will do something like “making one recipe a week from one of my cookbooks.” I'll have to think about how I will implement this goal into my routine.

I have a habit of going to a book store and flipping through the pages of a cookbook with beautifully photographed food. I feel inspired and develop an itch to take the book home and cook from it. Unfortunately, I will usually take the book home and then it will sit on my bookshelf for months and months without a second look.

If I am going to invest in books, I should read them and use them. 2018 is the year to make that happen. 

Travel More

This one, for me, seems like the most difficult one to achieve. Traveling can be expensive, and as I have gotten older, it becomes more difficult to break from my routine. With a full time office job, along with a part time weekend job, time to myself to catch up on my general needs (laundry, grocery shopping, relaxing, self care, etc..) feels precious. To deviate my limited spare time from those needs to travel inspires nothing less than a stress response. 

I have found that I spend a lot more time making plans or dreaming about plans than actually following through with them. If I actually committed myself to going to the places I say I want to go, I would probably find that I have a lot more time to spare than I originally thought. 

The older I get, I have found the more anxiety I have developed when it comes to travel. I went to Hawaii for the first time last year and spent a majority of the week having quasi panic attacks. I have struggled with anxiety through out most of my adult life, but it has been more manageable in the last few years. When I deviate from my schedule or routine, or rapid change enters my life it makes me panic. So being in a new place, where I am unfamiliar with the surroundings, climate, or people makes me anxious. I almost feel like if I don’t start traveling now, the more difficult it will be to manage my anxiety if I travel later in life. The time is now! 

Even with limited vacation time from my job, I can still make weekend getaways. There are places so close to me, which Ive never been too before. Victoria or Vancouver BC or Portland, OR are all within driving distance. Anywhere in California is a short flight away and tickets are never expensive. Plus, I have several friends and family members who live throughout California. I need to stop making excuses and just go! 

Follow Through With This Blog

In 4th grade, students at my elementary school were given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and join the school band. All of my friends wanted to play the flute, so I decided that I wanted to play the flute. My mother and I went out and purchased the shiny, silver instrument and when band practice finally started that year I learned maybe 1-2 songs and gave up. Throughout my childhood, into my teenage years, and now as an adult, I am a queen of starting things, only to never follow through with them. I will come up with an idea and maybe even put some energy into it, only to let it fall by the wayside. I’ve done this with projects, hobbies, and even education. 

I am committed to following through with this blog and ready to challenge myself this year and to fill my life with as many new experiences as possible.. For at least a year, I will consistently post new content as regularly as possible. I will create content which I enjoy and which I also hope is engaging to those of you who follow along.

Bring it on 2018!

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