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White Noise

White Noise



Well, maybe most of you reading this are saying hello to summer, however in the PNW, we are still hanging out with overcast and 75 degrees. At least 75 is just warm enough to wear a sweet summer dress, in my opinion. 

When I think of summer, I think of sweaty days where the lighter the clothing the better - Light, light cottons and linen, natural fibers that breath. On our recent trip through France, we got caught in the biggest heat wave in years and I am so, so thankful that I brought clean, crisp, whites to get me through. 

Somehow, a bright bright white feels only appropriate in the heat of summer. Maybe it is because it is reflective and actually keeps you slightly cooler than wearing darker colors, maybe its just all in my head. All I know is when I wear bright white on a hot day, I feel so damn FRESH. 

The brand Reformation has some of the prettiest, most feminine pieces to begin with, and their white, cotton dresses and blouses are no exception. The pieces were perfect to stroll through the vineyards in Vosne Romanee, or the museums in Paris. While I’ll be home for the remainder of the summer, I will be wearing these items and pretending that I am drinking beautiful wine in the French countryside. In reality I will be sitting in Green Lake Park drinking boxed wine out of a thermos. *Sigh* 

I’ve linked the pieces I wore below, along with some other whites that I am loving for the season. 



After sweating through all of my white items during the heat wave, I found that my crisp whites were starting to yellow a bit. Luckily, my Mom’s friend owned a dry cleaning business and recommended using Clorox 2 for colors to treat the stains. I used the liquid detergent as a stain remover for 10 minutes, then rinsed a did a thorough hand wash in the sink. 

This brought the stains right out! I highly recommend using Clorox 2 if you ave the same issues with light colored clothing. If in doubt about what detergent will work on your fabric, ask the folks at your local dry cleaners for advice!  

Mini Raspberry Financiers

Mini Raspberry Financiers

Dingle, Ireland

Dingle, Ireland